Celebration of Eucharistic Sacrifice
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 The altar is the principal space where the Liturgy revolved around the ritual of the eucharist was developed in latin and each phase was performed visually. Here was proposed the stylized construction of an altar to be used as the front of the “tabernacle” and “ paliottowhit San Paolo consacra vescovo Santo Stefano (century XVIII), is placed like a “pala” the canvas with Immacolata e santi, by Sicilian era (first third century XVII). The space includes a selection of items of altars furniture and sacred vessels for the Eucharist: a “paliotto” embroidered in polychrome silk and a flounce of altar cloth of the same manufacture (according to the fourth century XVII) belonged to the confraternity of the Santissima Annunziata, a service of “cartegloria” dated 1777, by a silversmith from Messina, and two nineteenth-century lamps silver hanging from the Cathedral of Mary SS. Assunta.