The Cathedral Treasury
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This  section of  documents are  distinct  historical and religious identity of the ancient Episcopal see of Reggio Calabria and Bova, united by a decree of the Congregation for Bishops Istantibus votis of September 30 1986, and ecclesial communities associated with them. The sacred furnishings from the Cathedral of SS. Assumption Cathedral of Reggio Calabria and the Santa Maria Isodia in Bova, shows the guidelines impressed to sacred art by the bishops, whose decisions have just had their first application in the Cathedral Church. Among the works from the Cathedral of Reggio are the three pitchers for the Holy Oils of Archbishop Alberto Maria Capobianco (1787-1789), a service for sprinkling of nineteenth century of the napolitan silversmith Vincenzo Caruso and the monstrance of Francesco Jerace made in 1928 for the National Eucharistic Congress held in Reggio Calabria. From the Cathedral of Santa Maria Isodia in Bova comes a novel cup with stories of passion bump on foot, stem and saucer, made by a mastery across the Alps (early XVII century) and the arm reliquary of St. Giovanni Theresti dated 1778.