Fragments of memory: The Maria SS. Assunta Cathedral
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The gallery collects a selection of stone fragments from the Maria SS. Assunta Cathedral of Reggio Calabria, that was severely damaged by the earthquake of December 28th 1908. It was then demolished and reconstructed not far from the original site, on the eastern side of the actual Piazza Duomo. In particular there are parts of the ancient altar and decorations in marble of the original Cappella del Crocefisso. It was erected in 1715 by the canonico Saverio Cama. In addition there are two angels “Angeli reggi Strumenti della Passione” dated 1728. The chapel was damaged again by the earthquake of February 5th 1783, and restored in1806 at the original location. After the earthquake of 1908 the chapel was dismantled and never reconstructed. In the gallery there are stones from the 1700 and 1800’s, including a tombstone from the Cappella of Sacramento and another tomb stone connects to the tower of the 1400’s reconstructed after the earthquake of 1841.